Designing through Systemic Perspectives

As designers, we are shifting our practices towards more complex systemic challenges. The digital products and services we work on are simultaneously a part of and composed of interconnected processes, technologies, and other products. To manage the complexity of these new challenges, we need to understand context from multiple perspectives and different detail levels. In this talk, I will discuss how designers can combine different lenses and sense-making methods to identify systemic challenges, map opportunities, measure impact, and leverage possible negative outcomes when designing new digital solutions.

The talk will not be recorded and is only joinable on-site in the lecture hall (room 137). 

Alessandra Martins Enriconi is a Brazilian-German designer based in Cologne. She is an Associate Service Design Director at denkwerk GmbH, where she leads a team of experience and service designers, and works on digital transformation projects for companies such as Deutsche Telekom. She holds an MA Degree in Integrated Design from KISD, where she focused her research on design as an approach to improving communication and collaboration in companies. Her current focus of interest lies in driving systemic change through design.