„How disobedience can save design“

Design is considered as a discipline that creates new and innovative things for the advancement of any society. This evolution brings progress and development worldwide and can transform entire societies through design concepts. However, this ignores the fact that design has served dark purposes from the very beginning. As a discipline, that began to form in late colonialism, it is impregnated with imperial worldviews, which are still visible today in style doctrines with racist origins, eurocentrism, and a questionable understanding of development. This lecture aims to discuss resistant practices to resolve these historical entanglements. The focus will be on epistemic and aesthetic disobedience as decolonial strategies for design practice and theory.

The talk can be joined via zoom.


Meeting-ID: 673 9485 2764

Kenncode: KISD

As a philosopher in the field of design, Mara Recklies focuses on the philosophical critique and epistemology of design, with a particular emphasis on the political dimensions, which she approaches from an intersectional feminist and decolonial perspective. Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate at Humboldt University Berlin, with a focus on political design critique in 20th-century philosophy. Moreover, she is working as a research associate at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle. Mara has also lectured at various universities, including HfK Bremen, Kunsthochschule Kassel, KISD and HTW Berlin. She was a research associate at HFBK Hamburg and studied philosophy in Kiel.