The body as an audiovisual instrument in the digital age: From Biofeedback to Emotional AI.

Based on biofeedback and affective computing methods, and by measuring the physiological parameters of the human body through a diversity of digital technologies, Claudia Robles’s interactive performances and installations introduce the human body as an “audiovisual instrument”, which is ‘played’ by triggering sonic and visual elements based on the data from the measurement of biomedical signals. Physiological activities directly connected to the nervous system are thus measured and sent to the computer, where special algorithms process this data. In this way, these usually invisible and inaudible internal fluctuations inside the human body can be projected into an immersive environment: a space where internal and subtle human manifestations emerge in audiovisual form.


Her current artistic interests and research are aimed at creating installations and performances featuring intelligent audiovisual environments through the combination of biomedical signals and machine learning techniques applied to affective computing, with the goal to recognize the emotional state of visitors and/or performers in order to be in a position to react empathetically to them.

Claudia Robles-Angel: Composer, sound and new media artist, whose work is performed and exhibited worldwide. Her work and research cover different aspects of visual and sound art, which extend from audiovisual compositions to performances/installations interacting with biomedical signals.

Her work is constantly featured in media/sound-based festivals/conferences, group/solo exhibitions around the globe e.g. ZKM Karlsruhe; KIBLA Maribor, Int. Symposium Electronic Art ISEA, 55th Venice Biennale Salon Suisse; New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival; SIGGRAPH Asia Yokohama; NIME New Interfaces for Musical Expression; STEIM, MAC Museo Arte Contemporáneo Bogotá, Harvestworks Digital Arts NYC, Heroines of Sound Berlin, Audio Art Festival Cracow, MADATAC Madrid, Digitale Duesseldorf, the Athens Digital Art Festival ADAF, Museum Gerdau Belo Horizonte and more recently at the AI Biennal Essen.


The talk will be held in English in room 11 at KISD.
If you are unable to attend on site, we are happy if you join us via Zoom:
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