»Insights of a media career – and 10 things I have learned.«

How can you start a creative career? What are the important things, no one tells, but everyone needs? Jens Heinen shows his career from starting as a club VJ to become an light artist and ending as an international show producer. He gives an insight to the ups and downs of his career and shares his experience.

About Jens Heinen:

2004-2007 VJ beatsurfers (Club/Corporate) Freelancer
2007-2009 Media Artist (interactive media installations) Freelancer
2009-2019 Lichtfaktor CEO/Creative Director  lichtfaktor.com
2019-2021 studioRAYY CEO/Creative Directo studiorayy.com
The KISDtalk with Jens Heinen will be hosted and moderated by Prof. Iris Utikal in Zoom:
Passcode: KISDtalks