The next Friday Presentations in winter semester are taking place on

Friday, Feb. 02 in room 11, 12 and 239 at KISD!


11:00 Zirkuläre Services
Katja Trinkwalder, Prof. Birgit Mager
Room 11

11:40 Designing Democracy
Prof. Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Prof. Michael Gais

12:10 Feuer und Flamme
Prof. Dr. Oliver Baron
Room 12

12:40 Going out (the post-covid-real-live-version)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Baron

13:10 Break
5 minutes Shake-the-shit-away-dance-party!
led by Emotion Space AG

14:10 Topologies of Transformation
Prof. Dr. Oliver Baron
Room 239

14:50 IDEM 2024
Anne Karrenbrock, Sebastian Goldschmidtböing
Room 11

15:20 Die Energiewende mitgestalten – eine Delphi Studie mit Design Sprints
Anne Karrenbrock, Prof. Laura Popplow

At the Friday Presentations KISD students present their semester projects. The presentations are open to all who are interested.

Come and join the show! 🤩