We would like to invite you to Next Level Festival for Games @ Zollverein Essen from Nov 25–27 2022‍. In this amazingly unique location it will all be about

Play! Perform! Debate! Create!

We proudly announce that the VR Experience against Racism “DEBUG” will be exhibited, workshopping and represent KISD’s Motion Experience Lab there in person with creating students Dario Morazan and support team Malte Klein and Irena Arendt.

If you have not heard yet about this work, check: https://www.debug-experience.com/

Also find a feature of it in the latest Motion Experience Lab publication “States Of Motion”, which refers to this article: https://kisd.de/news/projekt-debug-wird-von-der-th-koeln-mit-dem-transferfonds-gefoerdert/


Enjoy, support your fellows and have fun!


Date 25. November 2022 - 27. November 2022