Due to the coronavirus pandemic, KISD – Köln International School of Design will from July 10 until July 12 be hosting an “Online KISDparcours” on https://parcours.kisd.de/. At this online spot, KISD graduates of the B.A. and M.A. Integrated Design degree courses of the academic year 2019/20 will present their final theses and final projects. Among them, for example, will be the works [In]Brace – Mensch, Machine, Mouth by Dorothee Clasen; Open Up by Dominik Schmitz, or streami – Concept of a Mobile Video-on-Demand-App for Children by Kevin Falkenreck. The “Online KISDparcours” will start with a vernissage on Friday, July 10, at 6 pm.

Visitors and guests of the “Online KISDparcours” will be given the opportunity to interact with KISD graduates and share their perspectives, working procedures, and motivations to engage in these very topics of their degree theses and areas of expertise.

The “Online KISDparcours” in mid-July will serve as a prelude for and will be, as we hope, complemented by the planned genuine KISDparcours in early November 2020 under real-life conditions. “Marienstrasse 73” in Cologne-Ehrenfeld will be then the venue for exhibiting the final theses of our KISD graduates and the spot for the KISDparcours hopefully similar to those we were used to in pre-corona-times. In addition to the projects shown online in July, further final theses of KISD will be exhibited and presented to an interested public and audience.

KISD – Köln International School of Design is looking forward to your attendance at both events and to welcoming you both virtually online and live at https://parcours.kisd.de/ from July 10 to July 12 and genuinely offline and live at “Marienstrasse 73” from November 5 to November 8.
Before taking part in our events, in particular with regard to our KISDparcours in November, we have to make you aware of the fact that our planned schedule for this can only be provisional due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus and is dependent of the occurrence of coronavirus infection on a day-to-day basis – in Germany, in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and even more locally in the City of Cologne. Please be sure that we keep you updated on the latest developments with regard to health regulations, registration, and terms of attendance.

KISDparcours 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, altered venues, dates, and platforms in comparison with previous years:
July 10 – July 12: Online KISDparcours, venue: https://parcours.kisd.de/
July 10, 6 pm: Vernissage

November 5 – November 8: KISDparcours, venue: “Marienstrasse 73”, we keep you updated on the opening hours
Please note that the schedule can only be provisional due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.