Dr. Fred Meier-Menzel
Communication Designer & Design Researcher, Berlin

Which spaces are used by women and by men? How is public and how is private space defined in different cultures? How private are bodies and what happens when we interpret them as sacred spaces? How visible are the different sexes in the city? Fred Meier-Menzel lived for 6.5 years in Cairo, Egypt, and will present and discuss examples of what she experienced with images of women in the city of Cairo. She will report on historical and feminine attempts to conquest the public space by the Egyptian artist and activist scene (2011–2014). Since April 2017, Fred Meier-Menzel works with students of the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin and Egyptian exchange students to discover new communicative spaces beyond gender segregation in a multicultural society. The practical results of this course will also be displayed and discussed in the talk.

Foto: Andrea Theis


The talk will be held in English language.