Prof. Joachim Sauter
University of the Arts/ART+COM, Berlin

In a time where any information at any time and anywhere is accessible immediately and directly, poetry comes back to focus. It is a form of communication, which is indirect, has to be deciphered and metaphorically decoded. This goes hand in hand with a renaissance of the tangible as a reaction to the virtualization of our world. As media designers, we refocused from expressing information virtually to tangible poetry. We build spaces and experiences not any longer digitally, but merge the best of the digital and the tangible world.
After graduating from the academy of fine arts in Berlin, Joachim Sauter studied at the ‘German Academy for Film and Television’, Berlin. Since mid of the 1980s, he has been working as a media artist and designer. Together with other artists, designers, scientists, hackers and technicians, he founded ART+COM in 1988.

He received several awards like, among others, the ‘Golden Lion, Cannes’, the ‘Ars Electronica Interactive Award’, the ‘British Academy for Film and Television Interactive Award’, ADC New York and ADC Germany Gold, and Red Dot.
Since 1991, he is Full Professor for “New Media Art and Design” at the ‘University of the Arts’ Berlin and since 2001 Adjunct Professor at UCLA, Los Angeles.
The talk will be held in English language.