Diego Alatorre
Designer, Hamburg

An academic venture to explore design as a means of learning how to overcome complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty thought creative interactions. Based on a playful framework, participants of different ages and backgrounds experience how perfection does not exist, but the evidence-based design is always perfectible.

Diego Alatorre is a professor, researcher and designer and holds a Design for Interaction Master degree from TU Delft in the Netherlands and an Industrial Design BA from the Industrial Design Research Center at UNAM, Mexico. Since 2014, he has been exploring the links between Design and Education, developing projects with a fun, didactic, and situated approach. Through his work, he probes closer into the interpersonal dynamics that surround the products he co-designs. Diego has a particular interest in how to elicit intrinsic motivation to create significant interactions among projects’ participants. This way, he pursuits to emancipate the human spirit through the creative process.

The talk will be held in English language.