Dr. Christian Faubel
Academy of Media Arts Cologne

In this talk, I will present an experiment in applied media archaeology, a project I call the zoOHPraxiscope. This device is a re-invention of the Zoopraxiscope, a projector for showing short animated sequences of images. The Zoopraxiscope was developed by the chronophotographer Eadweard Muybridge, who is most famous for having proven that a horse, during running, has at one moment in time all feet off the ground. I will dive into the history of projection and animation, connecting the Laterna Magica, early experiments on flicker and afterimages and the internet phenomenon of animated GIFs. A project Andre Rangel paraphrased as a merging new and traditional media, new and traditional techniques, and new and traditional thoughts proving an untimely point of view, where the age of the media has no longer any sense, because all media were young and will become old, all media were high-tech and will become low-tech.

Dr. Christian Faubel is an interdisciplinary researcher and artist. He is currently working at the laboratory for experimental computer science within the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering and has completed research on autonomous systems at the Institute for Neural Computation from 2002-2012. In 2002, he founded derstrudel, a collective for the mediation of a relaxed approach to electronics robotics.


The talk will be held in English language.