The Brief

Workshop preparation task: SELF-FICTION

Devise a self-portrait in the form of a video describing a fictional version of yourself — a «Superself» — presenting you as you would most like to be seen. Be as imaginative as you would like, and note that you need not necessarily adhere to reality…
Use any media you would like so long as the final piece is no more that one and a half minutes in duration.
“Culture as a sense-making device that narrates, interprets, and explains an actor’s particular course of action, both to themselves (as self narration) and to others (as shared narratives). Action is made possible through narrative: those actions more consistent with one’s self narrative are more likely to be enacted…”
— Glynn & Watkiss, 2012

The Workshop Brief

  • Develop a design intervention based on your responses to a given cultural manifestation (place, practice, behaviour or artefact) to provide a response to a chosen topic which may be self-selected or chosen from the list provided.
  • Self-narrative and negotiating the familiar and unfamiliar.
  • Notions of situation, instruments of change and reinvention based on the changing environment and the surrounding
  • The idea of awkwardness and weirdness, alienation
  • The idea of ‘strangeness’, making it strange
  • Displacement, lost of identity, changing identities, out of ordinary
  • Changing context, changing space & time and mixed identities