2016 Cologne

Designing Strangeness / Cologne 2016

This project is designed as an open experiment. It is about perceiving and designing strangeness and the perception of space (city space) from a specific identity / perspective. It is about cultural identities and how these are expressed in social practices in city space and through material culture and how the analysis of cultural identities might be used as design resource.
During the workshop, students make observations, discuss your impressions, come up with an analysis and reflection and create a synthesis…

This project has a number of objectives: to investigate intercultural learning, to understand the use of narrative in design, the use of cultural artefacts, behaviours and places as source material for design intervention, and to gain insight into the values, aspirations and concerns of a new generation of designers.

This project is also devised for the participating students to engage with other students from the Global Design Initiative to jointly explore notions of identity, the self, and representative forms of design. The project also presents the opportunity to explore the strong coherence between place, role/identity and object. Students will explore observe, analyse and come up with built prototypes.