2019 London

From March 24-30, the fifth international workshop of the Global Design Initiative took place in London. Hosted by Central Saint Martins.Tribalise – An Archaeology of the Future“.

100 years from now, archaeologists will uncover artefacts of a disappeared subculture. In examining these objects, the scientists attempt to piece together the culture, the lives, values and rituals that united and connected these people. What was important to them? What did they believe? What was sacred to them? Where were their revered places? How, where and when did they meet, work and socialise?
In the workshop, the groups will work on the following task:Design a subculture, it’s values, rituals, places and behaviours. Construct a narrative around this subculture, and design artefacts and ephemera that would act as clues for future archaeologists to pore over in the attempt to reconstruct the world of this group.