Binglu Gu


About forks and chopsticks is a study into the use and relationship women have with their smartphones. This book, initially a master thesis written in 2012, documents the empirical investigation into the everyday rituals and habits of the studied women with their phones. It unfolds the differences and similarities of emotions and needs that go beyond the question of functionality. A majority of this work showcases the accumulated qualitative data turned into design tools for further or similar design research. Binglu Gu, born in 1987, lives today in Paris, France. A child of Chinese immigrants, growing up in the Swabian part of Germany, she has always found herself comfortable in-between cultures – adapting, mixing and rejecting them. These days she studies and creates services for different companies, adapting their corporate culture to the demands and expectations of their clients and customers.


Sprache: Englisch
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Bindung: Paperback

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