The ABROAD Magazine is a publication providing insights into the various international opportunities available to students during their studies at KISD. The 2nd issue has been released now, covering international KISD-activities in 2022. It can be viewed here.

Student participation and co-design of their own study environment is anchored in our study program at KISD. Students are systematically involved in the organization, self-administration and communication of KISD within the framework of various working groups (AGs). This concept of “co-responsibility” creates a high level of commitment among students and strengthens their identification with KISD, which is expressed in numerous activities beyond modules and compulsory events.

In 2022, some of these activities within the international working group (International AG) involved the independent conception, design and realization of the ABROAD Magazine, a publication telling international stories of KISD and providing insights into the various international opportunities available during their studies at KISD. These opportunities are presented in short interviews as well as in specific project descriptions and images.

The magazine will be presented in print at the beginning of the semester. It can be viewed online under this link:

ABROAD Magazine 2023, 2nd issue

With 82 active partner universities all around the world, KISD has an excellently developed international network. About half of our BA students spend a semester abroad during their studies; alternatively, students can choose short-term international projects abroad or “at home”. International Exchange Projects which are realized through the exchange of student groups, co-teaching by lecturers from both universities and joint blended learning phases stand for particularly intensive cooperation.

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A special thank you to Hannah Böker for the design and Lorraine Hoffmann and Noah Albrectsen for the editorial as well as to all the participants here!