Congratulations to KISD Master student Steven Wenzler for his award-winning project “The Space“ in the context of French design competition “Design Moi un Objet“ organized by ibis Styles hotel group. During Paris Design Week in September 2019, Wenzler’s work was ranked first place in the competition.

Being an Erasmus guest student at Paris design school ”ENSCI – Les Ateliers“, KISD student Steven Wenzler decided to engage in the French 2019 design competition “Design Moi un Objet“. It was addressed to young designers at French design schools with the task to find design solutions that facilitate the interaction between parents and young children – in particular when it comes to different bedtime hours while traveling and spending time in hotels or other accommodations.

Here, the possibilities to individualize a hotel room or a respective accommodation are always very limited. When parents are traveling with their children, they have to share a common space with almost no privacy. By placing Steven Wenzler’s project work “The Space“ on the bed, it creates a dark space for children to get a good night’s rest far from home. Additionally, the structure of the product allows it to be set up in many variations and fosters children’s imagination to create their own private space anywhere in a room. The glowing night sky print inside ”The Space“ encourages children to play and dream.

“The problem I wanted to solve through my object is that, in most cases, children and their parents have to share the same space when spending a night at a hotel. My project work now provides children with the possibility to have and generate their individual domain where they can rest and experience the starlit sky or find a playground for themselves. The inspiration for this project came from childhood memories as I, back in the days with my brother, often used to build a secret cave out of bed sheets and furniture. In these caves, we then played for a while or even slept one or two nights,“ says Steven Wenzler. ”Another asset is that the ‘The Space‘, unlike traditional children’s tents, is quite easy to handle and to install,“ Steven concludes.

For more information in (French language) on the competition, the project itself, and for an article in French magazine “ELLE décoration“ about Steven’s project work, please be so kind to visit: