The Sioux-GBO Young Talent Award 2019 goes to KISD graduates Pia-Marie Stute and Katja Trinkwalder for their project “Accessories for the Paranoid“ – a design work consisting of a series of add-on accessories for those who are concerned about surveillance and data security. The prize was given to Pia-Marie and Katja in the city of Eindhoven in the context of Dutch Design Week 2019 in late October.

The international jury was unanimous in its choice of Pia-Marie’s and Katja’s project and stressed: “It is a speculative design project that presents the discussion about privacy in a humorous way. The product concepts are excellently developed and designed. The project balances perfectly on the line between abstract and concrete, so you understand exactly what it could do, while it is clearly presented as a concept.“

As Pia-Marie and Katja point out in their project description, “Accessories for the Paranoid” explores an alternative approach to data security: “Since our physical environment reads, collects and stores an increasing amount of user information, this series of parasitic objects is designed to produce fake data. Through blurring our digital profiles, our true data identities get to hide behind a veil of fictive information,“ the awardees said.

KISD says congrats to Pia-Marie and Katja and wants to inform the reader that, in the run-up to Dutch Design Week, Pia-Marie’s and Katja’s “Accessories for the Paranoid“ had also been subject of discussion in June 2019 in renowned Dutch design magazine “dezeen“.

Find here the link to more info on the project on dezeen:

Find Pia-Marie’s and Katja’s project on YouTube:

The 2019 Sioux-GBO Young Talent Award is launched by software developer “Sioux Technologies“ in cooperation with Dutch service “Manifestations“, the largest Art & Tech event during Dutch Design Week:

Pictures: Manifestations, Edwin Smits; KISD, Trinkwalder, Stute