M.A. Jimmy Elias
graduated in 2012
Multidisciplinary Creative Director (Experience Design)
Self-employed, Cologne

What do you do at your job?
After years of experience at digital agencies and companies, I now am self-employed and specialise in a multidisciplinary service in which Experience Design, Research, Strategy and Art Direction intertwine. In parallel, I am always open to be a guest lecturer in Design Research, mainly holding workshops and talks around user experience design. Areas of expertise are Creative Direction, Strategy, Experience Design, Visual Communication, Workshops and Research projects.

How do you relate your studies to your current position?
My studies at KISD 9 years ago has successfully widened my horizon on both personal and professional levels. Coming from a visual design background, the Masters program at the KISD has expanded my skills and shifted my career towards the way it is today. Visiting multiple disciplines and merging them at points, with enough room for experimenting has helped me gradually build a specific path that is tailored to what I really want to do career-wise.

What would you say to an applicant today?
It’s a play as there’s nothing right or wrong. I would recommend an applicant to take risks, enjoy the learning, stepping into new fields and aiming at fascinating hims-/herself. And never forget nothing is set in stone for good. It’s always a process and that’s the joy of it.

What do you value most about your studies at KISD?
The openness is what I value most about my studies at KISD. This openness that puts one in a challenge from day 1. The framework and context of my studies at KISD has been the backbone of my professional life. It did enforce the will, the talent and the passion one has and subtly helped shaping the years that came after graduating.

www. jimmyelias.com