Katharina Mayer (M.A.)
graduated 2019
Senior Industrial Designer at N+P Industrial Design GmbH, Munich

What do you do at your job?
At N+P I develop visionary consumer good concepts with international clients such as Samsung, Hitachi and Haier. My roles vary, depending on the project goal and can include conducting relevant research, generating insights, developing analogue and digital prototypes for production and facilitating internal and external workshops with clients.Â

How do you relate your studies to your current position?

As a design agency, N+P works on a variety of project types with unique clients. At KISD I had the opportunity to work with many diverse designers from different walks of life and international backgrounds. These encounters shaped the way I now approach my work, where I can quickly judge the scope of projects and plan the needed skills, team constellations and processes accordingly. Furthermore, the KISD showed me a new dimension of design which lets me now go beyond the traditional tools and methods in pursuit of meaningful solutions.

What would you say to an applicant today?
Design can be whatever you want it to be. You can either let someone define it for you, or you can discover what it means for yourself.

What do you value most about your studies at KISD?
The freedom to set your own goals and follow them.