Dipl. Des. Thomas Dennerlein
DennerleinBrands GmbH, Frankfurt

The airline industry is incredibly dynamic, yet also the stuff of romance. Having worked for over 12 years with Lufthansa Group and its subsidiaries on several rebranding processes and brand strategy projects, I am now able to connect the dots. I want to share with you some of my insights into modern brand management, the importance of internal processes for a corporation of 120,000 people and what we as an company have learned by competing with bigger
agencies and working with a major brand. On the fly, we could discuss Arabic letters and names, how a touristic airline changed its business model and which animals – other than cranes – show up in airline branding.

Thomas Dennerlein, born in Berlin in 1975, studied at the
KISD from 2001 until 2006, graduating with a degree in design. Before that, he worked at an internet agency and
completed a typesetting apprenticeship at a Frankfurt-based publishing company. While studying very much, he published the design magazine Roger and began working for his own clients. After stops in two agencies, one of them the acclaimed Peter Schmidt Group, he founded his own agency
DennerleinBrands in Frankfurt in 2010. It is now the home
base for a team of 26 employees. Thomas lives near Frankfurt
with his family, likes to drive cheap cars fast and expensive bikes slow and is still working on the design for his house.


The talk will be held in English language.