Flora Karger
Integrated Designer, Cologne

»From time to time I take a chance as a pedestrian bumping into other walkers wondering what would happen if all of us tackled a route without consideration of obstacles and other passersby,« the designer and KISD alumna Flora Karger says. Some people seem to be programmed more than others, but actually we are all conditioned by distinct rules. The latitude and the tolerance being given to these daily algorithms are the crucial point. Programs are first of all just episodes of actions, following certain patterns. As they correspond to human thinking, they contain typical sequences, loops, and hierarchies. Humans once started developing algorithms to simplify processes, but ended up in being the one acting without thinking. The focus of this talk is on algorithms in space, starting with human beings as actors. It is about finding out how programs will evolve if they are constantly repeated. It is about the consequences for social actions and public spaces that result.


The talk will be held in English language.