Prof. Liz Haas
Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Within out work at UBERMORGEN, we have devoted quite a massive amount of our time into researching disorders of the human personality, primarily the narcissistic and the psychopathic/dissocial personality disorders.

Hence, we have developed a set of artistic works showcasing these deviants of the human species and now we are moving on to not focusing on portraying the psychopath but making art for the psychopath and the narcissist as a target group. While there are about 2-5% of psychopaths/narcissists among us humans, their reach spreads far beyond this number, and so does art that uses psychopathic language and concepts. Simplicity, shallowness, lack of empathy and opportunistic approaches are key in this approach.

Prof. Liz Haas*1973, lives and works in Vienna and Cologne Founder of and UBERMORGEN lizvlx studied tapestry and fine art at the Academy of Fine Art Vienna and market research and IT at the University of Economics Vienna. Projects include [V]ote-auction, NAZI~LINE, GWEI – Google Will Eat Itself, Psych|OS, Superenhanced and works on psychopathy and narcissism. UBERMORGEN.COM has exhibited at: Museum of Modern Art Vienna, The Premises Gallery Johannesburg, Centre Pompidou, Konsthall Malmoe, Whitney Museum, NTT ICC Tokyo, Kasseler Kunstverein and many more.

The talk will be held in English language.