Pius Leuba dit Galland
Architect, Designer, Tongji University, Shanghai/University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz

According to the long-standing EPI-ranking 2015 by Yale University, Switzerland is the planet’s most environmental-friendly country. However, since the late 1960ies, Switzerland remains at an average 5.0 gha (global hectares) eco-footprint while it possesses a biocapacity of only 1.2 gha. Also, the average Swiss citizen’s lifestyle requires now 3.3 planets. Humanity has been tackling sustainability since the 1970ies, and this is all we have achieved? Is there a better way to secure human survival on this planet? The KISDtalk by Pius Leuba dit Galland introduces a next-generation approach to sustainability. Biomimicry learns from and emulates nature’s strategies to create more sustainable human artifacts, processes, and systems.


The talk will be held in English language.