Dipl. Des. Daniel J. Becker
Designer, Cologne

Behind the scenes of large-scale complex interactive media installations. What challenges do we face when we apply cutting-edge technology to the constantly evolving field of technical opportunities? How to deal with the underestimated speed and consequences of technical change. Insights into the rush of designing, implementing, and releasing a language-based real-life interaction game. And dreadful discoveries gained from the first user reviews of this barely viable product.

In this talk Daniel J. Becker will present his non-linear path as a freelance designer that lead him to offer his interdisciplinary design experience as a consultant to companies working on digital product innovation. Daniel J. Becker, KISD Alumni 2012, lives and works in Cologne. As a freelance Designer, he uses programming for generative design of audioviusal and interactive projects. His spatial works include media facades, television studio designs and semi-permanent light installations.


The talk will be held in English language.