Ilse Stammberger
Fashion Designer, Cologne

When humankind first started to dress, the purpose was to cover the body for protection with the materials used dependent on cultural and geographical backgrounds. This talk of the Cologne-based fashion designer Ilse Stammberger will give an overview of the history of fashion and textile. When did mere protection develop into a reflection on social diversity, on differences or similarities made and expressed by fashion? The urge to express individuality/uniformity through clothes is a known phenomenon. But what does it mean in fashion today? Apart from this, it is a matter of fact that fashion would not exist without the industry around it. With the existing fashion and textile industry, designers work in a difficult context. The lecture will thus also provide a critical reflection on those industries and will discuss the reciprocal, maybe conflicting or inspiring impact of mass production on creativity.

Foto: Marek Kruzszewski

The talk will be held in English language.