Juli Gudehus collects. This has already led to many of her works. Her collection of toilet paper from all over the world comprises over 1,000 copies by now. The beginning of the Corona time saw a veritable run on this supposedly so mundane consumer item. On this occasion, Juli finally opened her treasure chest.

In her talk, she strolls with us through an area of design that has not yet been covered at any university. A best-of of her both extensive and entertaining YouTube series »Design for the Arse« – enjoy!

The special is her speciality. Juli Gudehus draws attention, creates confusion, and designs approaches. Comparing apples and oranges is her daily bread. She sees and estab­lishes connections between phenomenons, people, and things. She wonders and interprets, disassembles and combines, transforms and invents, learns and teaches. Language and everyday culture are rich sources for her various collections as well as for her work. She loves to make people smile as she finds it makes them beautiful.


The KISDtalk with Juli Gudehus will be hosted and moderated by Prof. Iris Utikal in Zoom:


Passcode: KISDtalks