Astrid Van der Auwera
Global Design Manager, BASF Coatings

KISD – Köln International School of Design is happy to welcome Mark Gutjahr and Florina Trost on Tuesday, October 16, for the first session of the KISDtalks in the winter term 2018/19. Astrid Van der Auwera is Global Design Manager at BASF Coatings, the topic of her public lecture will be “Emotional Basecoat – Designing Color for Automotives”.

The appearance of a car is decisively determined by its color. The design team of BASF’s coatings division gives an insight into the key factors for designing color for automotives. How can design turn a base coat layer into an emotional interface, that catches our eye?
The designers of BASF ‘s Coatings division consult the design departments of the OEMs on trend colors and create a collection of new and unique color inspirations for the automotive industry every year.

This KISDtalk will be held in English language