Michael Schneider
Product Designer & Founder of »designschneider«, Berlin

»There is more than one way to skin a cat and I will explain to you how we do it,« the product designer Michael Schneider says. In his talk, he will show examples of his Berlin-based studio’s designs in the field of furniture, table and sanitary ware and explain the differences one faces in the context of working with clients from different countries and cultural backgrounds – his studio with the ambiguous name »designschneider« has an international client base and is committed to designing new products which are unique, beautiful, and functional. In a case study of designschneider’s cooperation with the Japanese manufacturer Conde House, one will also learn step by step the design process that his design studio is pursuing. »My vision of success is creating products that will be used and enjoyed on a daily basis,« says Schneider. In his talk he will present his perspective of international design and and show examples of his collaboration with craftspeople from Japan.


The talk will be held in English language.