On Tuesday, July 11, 5.30 pm, KISD – Köln International School of Design cordially invites you to join the KISDedition Release Party. This time, KISDedition is dealing with the following questions:

How many ways do exist to come closer to a distinct research process about design? What are the different approaches and perspectives in design research: is it a research about design, for design, or through design?
This topic alone is worth a profound analysis. Additionally, as current debates have shown, design becomes more and more involved in shaping societal structures and urban environments. What will be the role of design in the future? How can design give answers to an increasing migration to cities and the problem of contested urban spaces?

These questions and other disputable issues for design, for example the problem of measuring and scaling design and spatial dimensions, will be answered by Elisa Metz, Anne Schirner, Alexa Wernery, and Jan Zurwellen in the new publication of the KISDedition series which will feature the following works:

Elisa Metz:
Die Vermessung des Gesichts – Erkennen, Auflösen, Generieren

Anne Schirner:
In Touch with Debate: Physicalizing Negotiation of Contested Urban Open Space

Alexa Wernery:
Experiment ≠ Experiment ≠ Experiment – Das Experiment als Methodik in der Gestaltung

Jan Zurwellen:
Die Trinität der Designforschung – Vergleich der Definitionen

KISDedition is the publishing house of KISD and TH Köln and distributes selected graduation theses, project and research papers, documentary and conference reports of KISD professors, teachers, students, and national and international partners. The publications provide insight into the multifaceted approaches and perspectives of KISD’s design study programs and illustrate current trends and developments in design and related disciplines.

KISD is looking forward to welcoming you on July 11, 5.30 pm.


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  • City Köln
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  • Country Deutschland

Date 11. July 2017

Time 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm