Tuesday, December 10, 5:30 pm

This KISDtalk will serve as an introduction and invitation to the MEDes study program. What does it mean to be a student in the MEDes and what do you need to do before you start? You have heard about those students before, but you don’t actually know what they do or where they go? Current MEDes students studying at KISD will attend the talk as speakers and will explain to you what the European Studies program is all about, what your opportunities are, how to finance your trip and which myths are really just rumors. Get together with students and professors to find out if you’re ready to go abroad and explore new design schools and cultures in Europe!

This KISDtalk will be held in English language in room 11 at KISD.

Participants and speakers:
David Martens, Anna Luz Pueyo, Carolin Schabbing, Amanda Hansson, Franziska Bax, Catarina Ramos, Paula Ahn, Maren Wolf