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KISD: KISDtalk: Theories and Practice of Design

Online KISDtalk: “Inclusive Service Design“

Wednesday, February 3, 5:30 pm (CET)

Benjamin Earl Evans, Service Designer

Inclusive design is no longer optional. Designers have a responsibility to build inclusivity into their practice. In this recording of a keynote speech, Benjamin Evans, who leads inclusive design practices at the USA-based company Airbnb, tells us about his personal experiences and, in particular, his journey within his role at Airbnb. After his talk, taken from a seminar from the Service Design Global Conference “Embracing Chance”, we (KISD students Helena Fey and Can Yildiran as introductory speakers and moderators) will all together explore the topic of inclusive design in more detail based on your thoughts and questions. We would love to see you all and are looking forward to having a talk with you.

Benjamin Earl Evans is a design executive with a focus on product inclusion. He leads a new generation of problem solvers who use design to tackle issues like racism, sexism, and bias. He is a passionate team builder devoted to fostering a culture of excellence, effective collaboration, and joy. His experience spans industrial, service, and digital design, as well as user research and business strategy. He is also an active writer and speaker on Product Inclusion and Design Leadership.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the talk will be held via Zoom. You will find the Zoom-link and the access data below.

Online KISDtalks Winter Term 2020/21

via Zoom: https://th-koeln.zoom.us/j/88240480389

Meeting-ID: 882 4048 0389

Code: KISDtalks