documenta fifteen – Working collectively in an institutional context.

The documenta fifteen was meant to open up a new chapter of large-scale exhibitions ruangrupa, an Indonesian collective took over the curatorial direction, aiming to create a collective of collectives by taking the practice of lumbung as a starting point for the whole exhibition. Lumbung is considered a practice of harvest and sharing and has its origin in the Indonesian rural tradition. It can be translated as a barn where the rice harvest is stored and shared in solidarity.

In contrast, documenta fifteen  is considered to be one of the most important art exhibitions in Europe. An exhibition of this size and importance has institutional hierarchical structures. Funded by the German state, documenta  also generates political interests.  As developer of the visual identity and continuous working graphic designers for documenta fifteen, we will share a designer’s perspective and the daily business in a contrary environment with different interests.

Leon Schniewind  is art director and graphic designer from Cologne. After graduating at KISD in 2019, he did an internship at Fons Hickmann M23 and worked as a freelance for several clients in Cologne and Berlin. In September 2020, he started to develop the visual identity for documenta fifteen in collaboration with students and an agency in Berlin. The visual identity was presented in December 2020. For the past two years he has been working as graphic designer and art director at documenta fifteen.

Anja Lindemann is a graphic designer who graduated at KISD in 2020. While studying at KISD and ZHdK, Anja also started working for clients in Cologne and Zurich. In 2021, she became part of the in-house graphic design team of documenta fifteen, where she recently developed the visitor orientation system for the 100-day exhibition.


The talk will be held in English in room 11 at KISD.
If you are unable to attend on site, we are happy if you join us via Zoom:
Meeting-ID: 874 7755 2378
Passcode: KISD