Activism and research in Gender Design: an experience from Buenos Aires.

»What do feminism and gender studies have to do with design? This is a question I have been listening to for 20 years, ever since I started trying to introduce these topics in my classes. I am from Argentina, from the public, free and unrestricted University of Buenos Aires. In this lecture, I will talk about three points of view that interact in my professional life: I am a professor; a researcher and also part of the internal government of my school.

In 2016, I started the professorship of “Design and Gender Studies” at the University of Buenos Aires to challenge and transform our design knowledge. Our approach allows us to investigate the conditions surrounding the development of research projects and the way in which design of objects and spaces functions as a signifying process in society.

I will specifically focus on how this perspective allows us to rethink the way in which we research and teach design. Approaching from an intersectional and interdisciplinary perspective, I will show you research projects as a framework of intelligibility for a symbolic processing of social transformations in matters of sexual and gender rights.«

Griselda Flesler Was born in Argentina. She is a graphic designer, specialist in Design Theory and master in Communication Design as well as PhD candidate in Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires.

Since 1998 she has been a university teacher. She has been invited to teach classes at different Argentine universities and other countries in Latin America and Europe. She published several works on design and genre. She holds a professorship in in Design and Gender Studies at Architecture and Design School at the University of Buenos Aires and is director of the Gender Office FADU-UBA.

She is professor of the postgraduate courses “Design, Feminist Theory and Gender Studies” and “Gender Perspective at the University” (FADU-UBA, Argentina ) as well as Design e Gênero (University of Sao Pablo, Brazil), General Director of “Public Voices”, a project supported by Coincidencia-Pro Helvetia (Swiss Foundation for Culture), co-director of design and gender project supported by Gendered Design in STEAM for LMICs from Carleton University-Canada and member of the IPHI Award committee of the International Gender Design Network.


The talk will be held in English via zoom:
Meeting-ID: 874 7755 2378
Passcode: KISD