From Zero To Demo-  and other ways for designers to communicate better.

In the beginning every idea is abstract. It doesn’t matter how descriptive you can be, if it is not visible it will be hostage to everyone’s imagination. Even with mocks and visuals, there is always one detail that is not clear and open to interpretation. When designing products and services in a diverse-multilayered-multicultural organization and teams, it is a huge challenge to make everyone have the same (always changing) picture.

In this session, Mauro shares his strategies and  small actionable tips to align a team around communicating a product / service vision and strategy in big organisations.


Mauro Rego, design lead at Google AI, is a senior designer and enthusiast about education and visual communication. He has experience on designing end-to-end digital services, team management and organizing learning formats for communities. In addition to crafting, he has been teaching professionally at universities and companies.


The talk will be held in English in room 12 at KISD.
If you are unable to attend on site, we are happy if you join us via Zoom:
Meeting-ID: 874 7755 2378
Passcode: KISD