Dipl. Des. Clemens Winkler M.A.
University of the Arts Zurich

Exploring the dynamics and entrance points into complex systems, the Laboratory of Narrative Materials sets out new ways of articulation through imagery and material creation for new sensory perceptions. That articulation happens through synthesized materials, such as sculpted gaseous formations, gelatinous neuronal structures or sugar-based energy carriers.

Designing material-based languages aim to provide an aesthetic impetus on research methods and questions to arise with unrestrained curiosity and undisciplined search within multidisciplinary gatherings. As a result of this, materials are transformed from functional placeholders into performative actors re-narrating and mediating the real and alien. In a resulting alchemical theatre for playing, learning and sharing, a certain vibrancy is changing the scope on new immaterial and material phenomena.

Besides his own studio practice, Clemens Winkler joined the Interaction Design team and the Enactive Environment research group in 2013 at the University of the Arts, Zurich and since then he is working as a research associate and lecturer at ZHdK. He is also tutoring and guest teaching in the Material Futures Department, Central Saint Martins, London. Prior, he has studied at the MIT Media Labs, Boston and graduated in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London.


The talk will be held in English language.