As part of the Hidden Layers conference, Motion Experience Lab created a very special spatial experience.


We are inviting you to meet us on

June, 13th from 8pm till open end

in the “Motion Experience Lab@(A)IDLE MODE”, room 404

Join us for this spatial experience with social gathering and performative media installations proudly created by Anastasia König, Annika Walter, Carlos Andres Luis Strohm, Carolin Victoria Saddey, Henning Brode, Irena Arndt, Kirill Solovev, Laura Fleischer, Leo Maria Althoff, Léon Amir Scheunemann, Lukas Marvin Kostka, Marko Bodenstein, Muhammad Danial Sohail, Nicolai Rehberg, Nina Juric, Omid Akbari Kharazi, Paul Kimmerl, Pia Bernards, Tim Klünker, Victor Thrane Kolling and many more helping hands and additional props by the Code & Context 4th semester.


What is an “idle mode”?

Idle mode is a state of rest or inactivity that many systems, including technological devices and neural networks, can adopt. In this state, they consume less energy and resources while remaining operational. Idle mode provides an opportunity to rest and conserve resources, but can also be seen as a period of latent activity where hidden processes are running and waiting for new stimuli. In the context of our “MXL(A)IDLE MODE” project, this term reflects the possibility of creative renewal and the potential that lies dormant in supposedly quiet moments.

“Motion Experience Lab@(A)IDLE MODE” is not only a place of encounter and reflection, but also a place of discovery and inspiration that visualizes the limits of what can be represented. Here, type in motion clips communicate with an atmospheric media architecture, offering a spatial and temporal intermezzo for exploring latent space. The central theme invites visitors to immerse themselves in the hidden layers, undiscovered potentials and possibilities of the creative process, as well as to engage with the discourse behind it.

What is the Motion Experience Lab?

The Motion Experience Lab is a hybrid playground environment @KISD for creation and research, with a focus on artistic practice of augmented motion in the context of performative interaction and interdisciplinary media studies. Within the area of Image and Motion it acts as a production studio space based on a conceptual framework, which allows exploration and encourages transdisciplinary approaches. Students conduct hands-on research through design in high-low-tech environments on prototypes and artifacts, exploring aspects of movement, creating audiovisuality, spatial performance, interactive worldbuilding, and experiences. Since 2016, Prof.Nina Juric initiated and developed this as a scaffolding tool-set for experiential learning in a body of a wired AV environment. Together with employees and students this space is dedicated to creative tech like embedded audio-visual systems, generative design tools, expanded computer animation, real time imagery with body action, code and programming or performing arts and cultural media science – always to experiment on time-in-space-complexities and so called ‘interface performances’.


  • Address Ubierring 40
  • City Köln
  • State / Province Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Post Code 50678
  • Country Deutschland

Date 13. June 2024

Time 8:00 pm - 11:55 pm