Prof. Lyn Godley
Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, USA

Creativity is not a slow steady affair. Curiosity does not reside in silos. Mood swings are as natural as breathing. Light has the wonderful ability to cross these multiple boundaries and speak in many languages, both literal and emotional. My creative process, and thus my design studio explores light in its many moods and across multiple disciplines: from functional performance, to health, to sparkling wonder. Light can sooth as it hovers over environments, dampening contrast and hard edges. It can focus attention, drawing us in on a specific subject. It can excite us with sparkle and brilliance. It can heal, on a biophysical level, our imbalance with the artificial world. It merges science and art, function and beauty. Light inspires. Light excites. From large scale installations to small models, my studio explores the magic of light.

Lyn Godley began her career in fine arts, then spent 30 years working as a designer, bringing form and beauty to functional objects. Her work has crossed the borders of interiors, product, furniture, lighting, and jewelry. Her designs, done both individually and as partner of Godley-Schwan (1984-1998), have been exhibited internationally. The Crinkle Lamp, the last piece designed jointly by Godley-Schwan, was accepted into the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in 1998. Her work is also in numerous public and private collections. In addition to her studio work, she is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Philadelphia University.

The talk will be held in English language.