On this page we have answered some of the most frequent questions regarding aspects of the application process for the B.A. »Integrated Design«.

Please read the pages »Bachelor Integrated Design« and »Application Procedure« carefully before referring to this section.

General Questions

On several Fridays during the semester we offer a Student Advisory Service. Please find here the dates for the current semester.

If you are interested in studying at KISD or if your homework has been rejected, you may attend one of these sessions to receive information on how to meet the requirements of the Bachelor course of study »Integrated Design« at KISD. During the session, there will also be information given regarding the admission procedure.

If you choose to attend, we expect that you already have some knowledge of the »Kölner Modell« and a general idea of studying KISD. You should inform yourself beforehand by reading through the website, visiting Friday presentations, having a look at year-books, and talking with students of KISD. Please understand that the Student Advisory Service will not discuss or provide information which is available in detail on the internet.

Please do not bring any portfolios with you! You may however present your rejected homework to discuss the reasons for rejection. Please be aware that the consultations will take place in a group with other candidates present. To avoid repeated questions, you should come very punctually. There will be at least one professor and one student from the application-AG present.

Visit KISD and get an impression of it and its study programmes for yourself. Join the presentations of projects held on several Fridays throughout the semester, or the KISDtalks on Tuesdays and the KISDlectures on Wednesdays. Information on the time and place of events can be found on our starting page.

You can find a description of the two study branches here. If you have further questions, attend our Student Advisory Service at which all matters relating to the study programmes and courses are clarified.

Secondary School Qualifications

Certificates are verified by the Office of Student Affairs at TH Köln. Please contact them directly for recognition of your »Fachhochschulreife« (university of applied sciences entrance qualification). KISD is not able to verify certificates.

If you have questions regarding starting your studies without having obtained the »Fachhochschulreife« (university of applied sciences entrance qualification), please contact the central student counselling of TH Köln.

Study Requirement: Internship

Please have a look at our areas of expertise; they will give you an idea of what kind of internships may be recognised as being relevant to design. KISD does not keep a list of internships or internship providers.

Apprenticeships can only be credited as design-relevant internships if they are in-company apprenticeships. School training, school courses, or already completed study semesters cannot be accredited.

This is only possible in exceptional cases. If you have completed at least four months worth of internships, you can complete and show proof of the remaining two months during the first year of study.

It is possible to have certain training and professional experiences accredited as part of the internship. However, these must be activities in companies; school training does not count towards this.

Yes. Internships which have been completed in a field unrelated to design can only be accredited under certain circumstances. In your application documents, you are to credibly justify the relevance of your internship for the course of study. It is possible this topic will be further discussed in your interview with the admission committee.

Application Process and Documents

Please find all information on uni-assist here.

All relevant information on the homework assignment may be found here.

All relevant information on the homework assignment may be found here.

Your Letter of Motivation may be up to 1,500 characters. It may be written in English or in German.


You will receive an invitation email by KISD.

Please confirm your appointed day and time via email.

No. We cannot reimburse travel or application costs related to the interview. However, it is possible to receive a confirmation of participation if required.

Receiving Rejection

There is no »Nachrückverfahren« (procedure of filling up spots which may have been given up by students already accepted). If your application has been rejected, you may try again next year.