The Master program »Integrated Design« welcomes design professionals with a research interest in a specific topic, problem, or challenge from an integrated and interdisciplinary perspective. This brings together experienced, open-minded, and critical students from all over the world willing to contribute to a dynamic setting of learning, analysis, critical reflection, and inquiry, conducting experiments and interdisciplinary research, in order to develop their specific design contributions.  

We invite applicants looking to immerse themselves in an integrated, research-, and practice-based design process within our newly established thematic clusters:

Material Systems & Lab Culture
Social & Public Innovation
Urban Intensities & Resources
Visual Cultures & Politics

The KISD application portal is open between August 01 and October 01.
In order to apply, please upload your application documents in that time period to

If you want to apply for the M.A. program at KISD, an academic degree in design or a design-related field (B.A. or higher) covering 3.5 years of study time (210 ECTS), and/or work experience in the field of design is required.

The course language is English and applicants are required to provide proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or other). For TOEFL, a minimum score of 72 (Internet-based version) is required.

Your application documents must be submitted online and in English. Please download the cover sheet and upload it with the following documents here:

Curriculum Vitae

Concisely list your educational and professional background. Include everything that qualifies you for an »Integrated Design« M.A. program.

Motivation Letter

Your Motivation Letter is the key element of your application. It should consist of 600-900 words and max. 5 images and outline the direction you see for yourself and your studies. Relate to one of our thematic clusters and position yourself and your research interest among the range of perspectives, explaining your previous studies, work, projects, and engagements. Tell us what motivates you to apply or what led you to develop your specific interest. In case you have a specific interest that cannot be related to the four thematic clusters, you may propose a separate area of interest if you suggest a strong topic.

Make clear why you want to join the graduate program »Integrated Design«, why in Germany and why at KISD. Let us know what you expect from your studies and what you would like to contribute to the new cohort.

Letter of Recommendation

Please send us at least one letter of recommendation from an academic or professional institution or organization.


Choose projects and experiences that give a good overview both of your fields of interest and your design/design-related experience and qualifications. Works can come from academic, professional, or free projects. The uploaded PDF file should not exceed 5MB.

Authenticated Copies of Certificates of Previous Study Course(s)

Include all of your degrees and certificates.

Please note the following

All documents should be adequately designed. We do not define a style sheet for the presentation of your application – so this is your opportunity to give us an idea of your skills and competence in presenting specific interests regarding our program.

If you do not hold an academic degree (B.A. or higher) from a german university, you need to apply additionally to Uni-Assist. Uni-Assist – the University Application Service for International Students – is responsible for the administrative preparation and checking of study applications to german universities. Uni-Assist will determine whether you meet the admission requirements of your desired program at TH Köln and will convert your grades into the german grading system.

You find more information about Ani-Assist here or on the Uni-Assist website (please note: the Uni-Assist platform for KISD opens September 1 and closes November 30).

Uni-Assist informs us in December about your national degree qualifications. Only if you receive a positive statement by KISD as well as uni-assist you can enroll at TH Köln as a KISD student.

In the beginning of October, our Aptitude Assessment Committee will review your application documents. Based on the evaluation of your study-related qualifications and match between your proposed research interest and our thematic clusters, you will receive an invitation to an interview mid-October. Instead of taking an aptitude test, you are asked to upload an elaborated motivation letter (requirements see above), which will, next to your portfolio, be the key element of your application. Applicants who are abroad can be interviewed via skype. In the beginning of November you will receive a final statement from KISD.

Application Period KISD: August 01 – October 01.

Application Period uni-assist: September 01 – November 30.

Start of Study: Summer Term of each year (mid-to-late March)

Even more questions? Check out our FAQs or join our Meet&Greet Sessions to talk to our staff, students, and head of study program!

The Meet & Greet Session is a webinar which aims to inform you about the study course and KISD.
You’ll need a computer with microphone and camera, as well as a stable internet connection.

Join by using this link:
Dates: August 26, 2019, 5pm and September 9, 2019, 5pm (CEST)

All questions regarding the KISD application can be directed to the application team:

All questions regarding Uni-Assist can be directed to the TH Köln International Office: