Application Procedure

The Bachelor Degree Program »Integrated Design« features a nationwide, unique, non-linear and multi-semester study model which offers a high level of individual design opportunities. The application period starts on April 2, 2024.

Application Period

The next application procedure for degree seeking applicants  starts on April 2, 2024. We will post on this day the subject of the homework here. You can submit your application and BA homework from April 29 to May 3, 2024 (May 3rd until 11:59 pm CET summertime), using this link The BA Interviews (via Zoom) will take place from May 22 to Mai 24, 2024. The letters of acceptance will be sent in the beginning of June.


For the Bachelor degree program, the following requirements must be fulfilled: higher education entrance qualification, practical training and an aptitude test.

For admission to the BA in Integrated Design, higher education entrance qualification or an equivalently recognized qualification is recognized.

Proof of qualification is provided by:

  • Certificate of general higher education entrance qualification (German Abitur/High School Diploma/A-levels)
  • Certificate from advanced technical college (vocational baccalaureate diploma)
  • Evidence of completion of academic studies at advanced technical college studies in conjunction with vocational training
  • Other equivalent certification

Specialized entrance qualifications from other federal states do not necessarily entitle for studies at universities of applied sciences in North Rhine Westphalia and should therefore be submitted for consideration in advance at Studienbüro der TH Köln.

All beginner students must have completed a design-relevant internship by the beginning of their studies enabling them to gain non-academic experience.

How long should this internship be?
For the Integrated Design study program the design internship must be a minimum of six months, however, a longer period is highly recommendable. The internship may be divided into several shorter internships. Students are advised to complete internships totaling twelve months at the end of their studies. Only in duly justified, exceptional cases, may studies be started with only four months of internship completed. In this case, the remaining period must be completed during the semester break.

What is a design-relevant internship?
The content is decisive. On our website, under the KISD areas of expertise, you will find an overview of fields that are suitable. Generally, a wide range of activities is design-relevant. Some, but not all training and professional activities can be recognized. These are on-the-job training where e.g. materials or media are processed or integrated, and/or they belong to design processes, such as:

  • graphic design assistant
  • carpenters and cabinetmakers
  • advertising specialists
  • marketing communication assistant
  • tailor/dressmaker
  • goldsmith
  • photographer

Decisions on whether an internship, training or a professional activity can be recognized is taken by the Admissions Committee.

All applicants for admission must take the aptitude test to ascertain relevant aptitude for the degree program.

Aptitude  for the Bachelor Degree program is determined by the KISD Admissions Committee in a separate procedure comprising the following:

  • an assignment, which is evaluated by the Admissions Committee and is relevant for preselection
  • written work which is performed on site
  • a comprehensive interview with the Admissions Committee

The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • creativity and commitment to the development and execution of the assignment as well as the on-site design-related task,
  • quality of the previous engagement with design,
  • perceptual and imaginative ability,
  • openness to engage with previously unfamiliar subject matter,
  • ability to engage in critical analysis and self-reflection,
  • ability to grasp and present complex issues and problems,
  • motivation and ability to work conceptually and creatively.

Application Procedure

The application procedure for the Bachelor’s programme comprises four steps.

The assignment should design a topic e.g. in visual, verbal, media or two or three-dimensional form.

As of April 2, 2024 the topic of the assignment is published here. After this date, you have a four-week period to work on the topic.

This year only digital homework will be accepted. Please make sure that your uploaded files are not too large. You can reduce the size of PDFs with several online tools. The following file formats are accepted:

  • Text as a PDF
  • Film and Animation as link to a video portal (vimeo, Youtube, …)
  • Two-dimensional work as a file (PDF) or as (compressed)
    image/photo file(s) (JPG, PNG, …)
  • Three-dimensional work by filming (see films) or photographing (see two-dimensional work) of all relevant details.

Important: You are responsible for ensuring that we can open your files – don’t use exotic file formats or codecs!

Submit your application and BA homework from April 29 to May 3, 2024, using this link Please upload the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation
    The motivation letter should not be longer than 1,500 characters. Please tell us why you are interested in Integrated Design and why KISD is the right place of study for you. In addition, we would like to know what has influenced your understanding of design, why you are particularly interested in design. For example, you could write whether there is a designer you find particularly good (and why …), or maybe there is a designed »thing« (product, printed matter, medium, service, …), that makes »design« particularly visible to you (and why …).
  • Scan of your university entrance qualification
  • Proof or registration of your internship or a written statement on your plans
  • For international applicants: you need proof of German language skills (B1 level). Important: In exceptional cases, this proof can be provided in the fourth semester – talk to us.

The Admissions Committee reviews and selects the submissions. The results are communicated immediately. All applicants, who pass this first step, will be invited for the written work and interview in due time, usually in May every year.

In the next step of the procedure, applicants must complete a degree-related task  Processing time may range from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the task. Results may be presented as two or three-dimensional work or as a text. The Admissions Committee examines the work and may use one of these topics during the subsequent interview. During the interview via Zoom, the Admissions Committee strives to gain a more comprehensive impression of the applicant.

If you successfully pass the aptitude test for admission at KISD, you will be informed within the next 10 days.

Applications from Abroad

International applications are very welcome.

Please note that KISD cannot provide information about the validity of foreign educational certificates. Consequently, even if you have passed the aptitude test successfully, this does not guarantee admission to the study program. In addition to the application at KISD, all applicants with foreign certificates must submit their certificates to Please click here for more detailed information.

For information on finding scholarships and funding programs, please visit the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) at

Applicants, who have not acquired their university entrance qualification at a German-speaking institution, must prove they have sufficient knowledge of the German language, as required for program. For the BA in Integrated Design, a CEFR score level of B1 is sufficient. In exceptional cases, this proof can be provided in the fourth semester – talk to us..

Consultation and Contact

If you have any questions about the »Integrated Design« Bachelor’s program or the application process, please come to our student advisory service or contact our Application WG.

We offer several Fridays during the semester on which a Student Advisory Service will be held. Please find here the dates for the current semester.

If you are interested or choose to study at KISD or if your homework has been rejected, you can register here to receive information as how to meet the requirements of a design study at the KISD. It will also provide information on the admission proceedure.

If you choose to attend, we expect that you already have some knowledge of the »Kölner Modell« and general idea of KISD.

You should inform yourself by reading KISD website, by visiting the Friday presentation, by reading KISD year-books and through discussions with KISD students. Please understand that the Student Advisory Service will not discuss or provide information which is available in detail on Internet.

Please do not bring any portfolios with you! You may present your rejected homework to discuss the reasons of failure. The consultations will take place in a larger round along with other candidates. To avoid repeated questions, you should come very punctually. There is at least one professor and one student from the Application WG.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the students at KISD Application WG under The KISD secretary’s office cannot provide you with any information on these topics.