How can we link the tangible and intangible and make everyday objects audible? What conclusions can be drawn about human perceptual processes and are alternative forms of perception conceivable?

With his bachelor thesis “Klang-Körper”, Julius Walsch presents an experimental synthesizer that has been significantly influenced by the interdisciplinary methodology of Artistic Research. The functional prototype transfers the surfaces of scanned objects – i.e. their physical form – into acoustic waveforms and thereby generates the so-called sound bodies (Klangkörper); acoustic images of an object that are linked to the original object by algorithmic projection and can be clearly assigned like a fingerprint. The synthesis method developed for this purpose expands the possibilities of experimental sound design and enriches the creative processes of electronic music through the acoustic exploration of physical artifacts and the integration of objects – and their sonic haptics – into the creative process. The work has been awarded third prize in the Cologne Design Award 2023.

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