Starting in summer term 2016, Nina Juric will be new professor for the area of expertise “Image and Motion“ at KISD – Köln International School of Design, an institute of TH Köln. “Image and Motion“ as newly designed discipline will then substitute the former KISD area of expertise entitled “Audiovisual Media,“ which had been supervised until 2015 by KISD professor Bjoern Bartholdy.

The area of expertise “Image and Motion“ will deal with the analysis, concept, and realization of innovative approaches of visual communication. In both teaching and research, new kinds and platforms for the usage of time-based media and design are to be developed, scrutinized, and advanced – also with regard to areas like virtual production, motion capturing or augmented reality.

Nina Juric studied Arts and Media at University of Applied Sciences Schwaebisch Hall, made a postgraduate degree in Film and TV Design at Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg, Ludwigsburg, and spent a year as academic fellow at Cleveland Institute of Art, USA, with a focus on “Time Integrated Media Environments.“ She was Young Talent of Eyes & Ears of Europe at FMX 2007 conference and subsequently worked in Zurich, Vienna, Hamburg, and Las Vegas.

Interdisciplinary Approach and Huge Industry Network

Her projects and works focus on the subject areas interdisciplinary animation, experimental design, crossmedia audiovisual design, conceptional film- and storytelling, audiovisual installation, music visualization and scenography, and innovative interaction concepts at the interface of different design disciplines.

Juric has worked for national and international clients like, among others, Airbnb, BMW, Vorwerk, Telekom and agencies and productions like, among others, Strichpunkt, Saatchi & Saatchi, MetaDesign, Bold Berlin or Strukt, Vienna, and collaborated with artists like Olafur Eliasson or Martin Eder. Juric understands design as holistic discipline: oriented towards processes, theory and practice, and unbiased media interaction. She gives lectures and workshops, for example at the upcoming conference “Offf,“ May 2016 in Barcelone, and is guest speaker at domestic and international events and festivals, in particular with regard to audiovisual interaction concepts and interdisciplinary means in design, art, and motion design.

Juric is founder of both the Berlin-based motion design studio “NINDUSTRICT,” specialized in digital installations of room, space, event, architecture in different fields, and of the typography concept store “Letters Are My Friends,” an innovation lab and design studio for experimental design research.

“For more than ten years, I have been working in the area of design & motion and type & tech – in scenography, interaction, and also through the concept store ‘Letters Are My Friends.’ I am looking forward to contributing to this crossmedia oriented and transdisciplinary area of expertise in teaching and research at KISD through my experiences. One of my focal points will be the discussion and analysis of differently developed stages and conditions of time and space via image and motion, and I would like to do this by projects, courses, experiments, and in close cooperation with partners and energetic teammates. The area of expertise has a lot of opportunities, research topics, and challenges and comprises a wide range of aspects. I am very curious about KISD, its students, players, and topics – and also curious to be in Cologne,“ says Nina Juric.

Advancement of Project-Oriented Education and Social Innovation

KISD professor Philipp Heidkamp, also Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences at TH Köln, says: “We are looking forward to having Nina Juric at KISD who will from May on hold the professorship of the newly designed area of expertise Image and Motion. Nina Juric, besides her excellent competencies in visual communication, design, and technology, also has the ability to critically reflect on current and future issues in this area of expertise – which is an essential element, in particular with regard to the high level of technological devices and developments in this discipline, for a modern and good education of future designers.

We are glad that we could find a nationally and internationally renowned colleague as new professor at KISD who will surely and positively impact KISD by new approaches and impulses in research and teaching, for example through the planned focal point of visualization, in the realm of research, and through means and ideas that advance, foster, and enrich our approach of KISD and its academic and project-oriented education.

We are also convinced that Nina Juric will actively and positively contribute, through her critical, exploratory, and well-analyzed projects, research and teaching topics, to the further success of TH Köln in the area of ‘Social Innovation’ and in the discussion of important aspects in society, culture, and technology.“