An article has been published about the KISD research project “Robotic Operations: Mensch und Maschine im Verbund” (Robotic Operations: Man and Machine in a Network), which was carried out in cooperation with the Uniklinik Köln (University Hospital of Cologne).

The article was published in the special issue “Smart Hospital” of the journal Klinik Management aktuell by Thieme-Verlag. The author is Dr Michael Lang, editor of the journal.

Source reference
Lang, Michael: “Arbeitsplatzergonomie: Operieren mit dem Roboter”,  in: kma – Klinik Management aktuell 27/11, 2022, S. 86–88. DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-1758617

For university members, the article is available free of charge via online access to the TH library:
-> click on “To the full texts ‘WISO-Wirtschaftswissenschaften'”
-> the current issue 2022,11 is available there
-> click forward to p. 86 of the issue
-> then download the original PDF of the article

Please note that access from off-campus’ is via VPN access.

About the project
With the help of surgical robots such as the Da-Vinci-XI® system from Intuitive Surgical, surgeons perform complex minimally invasive operations at a control console. In the interdisciplinary research project Robotic Operations: Mensch und Maschine im Verbund, researchers from design and medicine are investigating the effects of these systems on the working conditions of surgeons for the first time. The project is led at the KISD by Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfer in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christiane Bruns (Uniklinik Köln).