As part of the exhibition »Chile Unfolded«, students of the Köln International School of Design, Maximilian Beck, Benjamin Bräuer and Kjell Wistoff, exhibit photographic and graphic works about life and protest in Chile.

The exhibition »Chile Unfolded« portrays a culturally diverse, civically active country and provides a look behind the scenes of a failed economic experiment. The focus of the presentation is on a photographic work that exposes the discrepancy between international imagination and experienced perception of the country. Impressions gathered on site are additionally conveyed through videos and audio documents, as well as explained through lectures by the designers.

The exhibition also features a graphic exploration of the »Primera Línea« protests that developed in Chile as part of the social unrest beginning in October 2019. The accompanying print work, »Chile desperto! – an analysis of the Primera Línea« was created in the winter semester 2020/21 on the occasion of the research and design project »Designing Protest – Territories of Resistance«, which was led by Prof. Dr. Carolin HöflerDesign Theory and Research together with the Integrated Designers Mario Frank and Julian Hoffmann.

With a view to current political and social movements around the world, students of the Cologne International School of Design examined the design of protests. The focus of the analysis was on the interrelationships of politics, space and digital mediality. Using open-source research and qualitative and audiovisual methods of spatial research, the students explored forms, practices, and locations of current protests. They analyzed the spatial and social relationships of the actors involved and created previously unseen representations of the protests through critical mapping.

The »Primera Línea« in Chile are those who protect the protesters from police violence. They rise up against the repressive forces of the Chilean state to prevent the dissolution of demonstrations and rallies. In the confrontations, the members of the »Primera Línea« take on specific tasks and roles and perform certain actions according to the necessity of the situation at hand. In »Chile despertó!« Benjamin Bräuer and Kjell Wistoff provide a graphic analysis of these protest actions, their places, symbols and actors, as well as the repressive actions of the carabineros. The analysis is complemented by interviews with Chileans.

Exhibition »Chile Unfolded« from Nov 06 to 12, 2021

Open daily: 14.00 – 21.00 hrs
Vernissage: 06.11.2021, 15.00 o’clock
Lectures by the designers: 08.11.2021, 19.00 hrs
Finissage: 12.11.2021, 14.00 o’clock

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Date 6. November 2021 - 12. November 2021

Time 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm