‘Hair’ is a self-initiated project dealing with the subject hair and all its facets. It will be shown in an exhibition in Cologne from 14 April. Everyone is cordially invited to the vernissage!


In our culture, hair is very important. Men and women want beautiful, strong, healthy hair – but not all over the body! The exhibition is dedicated to the great subject of “hair” in an artistic and informative way, showing human hair in various forms, as a tool of rebellion or personal expression across cultures and identities, exploring its possibilities as a material and taking a closer look at the structure that defines it.

Dealing with the subject of ‘hair’ and its significance in our society also means dealing with hair loss or hair removal. Half of all women in Germany remove their leg hair. The market for depilation methods is booming. However, interventions in natural hair growth are not limited to leg hair. Armpit hair is a no-go, the bikini line has to be smoothed out, a hair from a mole has to be plucked and a lady’s beard is not feminine. However, coming to terms with one’s own body hair is not a uniquely female phenomenon. While it is mainly women who want to be hairless except for their head hair, men fight against the passage of time. For men, the loss of head hair often begins between the ages of 20 and 30. For more and more men, this is a reason to undergo hair transplantation. In 2019, for example, the hair transplant industry made an increase in sales of 4.2 billion Euros, ten percent more than in 2016. Spurred on by the trend in recent years for men to grow a full beard, even hair transplants in the facial area are no longer a novelty. The exhibition is dedicated in particular to this cultural debate on hair loss and ‘false’ hair.

The vernissage will start on April 14th at 7 p.m.

in the Haarstudio dashellicht @das_helllicht, Alteburger Str. 119, 50678 Cologne.

The artworks will be on display at dashellicht until 14 May.


Students involved

Inca Jentsch
Pia Laabs
Paula Leiste
Sara Milik



Date 14. April 2023

Time 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm