„Identity systems made in NYC“

Ever wondered what it’s like to live and work in the vibrant cities of New York and San Francisco? Join me on a journey that spans from my diploma thesis at film school to my path to design and art direction in the states. In this exploration, we will dive deeper into the concepting phase of my thesis and the communities of the creative industry in these urban landscapes.

Through a series of insightful case studies, we will uncover the initial creative processes within various cultural institutions and the entertainment industry. Our focus will center on identity systems and their unique motion languages, deciphering their behaviors through strategy. This will provide valuable insights into the formation of a final direction that seamlessly integrates into the real world.

The talk can be joined only on zoom. 


Meeting-ID: 673 9485 2764

Kenncode: KISD

Johannes Geier is a senior designer based in San Francisco. Before joining the art direction team at Apple, he worked at Gretel New York on branding and identity systems, collaborating on projects for clients such as The New York Times, MoMA, IFC, Nike, and Noma.

Running 100m sprints as a teenager inspired him to work with film. Halfway through a sprint, he would often experience a slight reality distortion, in which time appeared dilated and he was unable to memorize a thing. Film allows him to visualize both memories and the imaginary.

Branding provides a context in which Johannes merges his interest in motion with strategy and design. His work is guided by a desire for simplicity, inspired by a befriended artist whose drawings and paintings emphasize the strength of a single line.

Bringing clarity of purpose to a project is something Johannes developed during his time in New York. His process is further informed by serendipity, and the wonders of interpretation. What may appear as something out of place, can be a gateway to a new world.

Johannes was born in Passau, Germany. He holds a Diploma in Motion Design from the Film Academy in Baden-Württemberg.

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