Deep Design – The principles and demonstration of an ecosystem-centered design approach.

‘Deep Design’ is a new approach developed to match the current new era, including the Anthropocene realization. It opposes the ‘human-centered design’ that ruled the design scene for almost 50 years, and includes principles and values from the metaphor of deep diving. In the talk Ezra Tarazi will demonstrate its philosophy introducing a 5 years project printing coral reefs ecosystems and refuge in 3D, installed in Katzaa – Red Sea, Maghooloo – Maldives, Cartagena – Colombia and Okinawa – Japan.

Prof. Ezri Tarazi
is industrial designer and educator. Tarazi studied industrial design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Subsequently, he was a coordinator of instructors’ education for leadership in the Maritime Academy of the Israeli Navy. Tarazi has been active as a professional designer for a number of clients who produce a range of high-tech and office equipment and devices and, on an experimental level, for domestic goods. 1998–2000, he was a partner of IDEO Israel. In 2006–12, he was director of d-Vision, the design studio in Israel, where Keter Plastic products are designed. From 1992 and for over a decade, Tarazi has written on design issues for a number of publications, including for Haaretz newspaper in Tel Aviv. His best-known work is the 2005 “New Baghdad” table produced by Edra of Milan, Italy.

The talk will be held in English in Room 137 at KISD.
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