“Colossal Cave Adventure” is an animated film based on an AI-generated world showing Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, the longest cave system in the world. It was created by KISD professor Lasse Scherffig and media artist Thomas Hawranke and can be viewed in an Online-Exhibition.

As an adaptation sui generis of an early text-based adventure game, “Colossal Cave Adventure – The Movie” remediates the program developed by Will Crowther in 1976 based on the architecture of the Mammoth Cave complex in Kentucky. The original game used text to describe the environment whereas the animated film uses AI-generated visuals. Every eight seconds, the AI system receives a new textual description, taken from Colossal Cave Adventure’s source code, comprising 379 inputs ranging from narrative descriptions of nature to jargon from the vocabulary of speleologists to single words meaning an object, a compass direction, or an exclamation. The camera constantly moves downwards, digging through geological layers and exposing new cave spaces again and again.The film is set to atmospheric cave sounds and was produced by Matteo Bittanti.

The film as well as an interview about the history of creation, artificial intelligence, computer games and technology can be viewed until 19 January in an online exhibition of the Italian magazine VRAL.

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Colossal Cave Adventure


Date 6. January 2023 - 19. January 2023