In an intervention at the international conference Politics of the Machines: Rogue Research, students of KISD and HS Augsburg present work that critically deals with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The presentation titled “Training to Deal with Otherness” is the result of the work in three study programs dealing with design and/of technology: the Integrated Design BA and MA program of KISD, the Code & Context program of TH Köln, and the Hybrid Things Lab of Hochschule Augsburg.

The presented projects constitute explorations of the absurdities of automation, the realities of faked automation (or fauxtomation), the hidden human labor behind artificial intelligence, as well as practical approaches towards interactive AI and the complex entanglement of teaching machines and being taught by them.

The conference is held online, participation is free via

Politics of the Machines: Rogue Research


Intervention: Training to Deal with Otherness

16.09.2021, 19:00 (Room A)

KISD students

Omid Akbari Kharazi, Tomas Ignacio Corvalan Azocar, Matthias Grund, Marie-Louise Sophie Hilberer, Nicolai Liesner, Yvonne Lober, Lisa Marleen Mantel, Enguerrand Ildur Edouard Poncelin de Raucourt, Alfred Ramskill-Pugh, Akari Shimizu, Laura Juliane Wagner, Eradzh Yakubov

Supervised by

Prof. Dr. Christian Faubel (TH Köln), Prof. Andreas Muxel (HS Augsburg), Prof. Dr. Laura Popplow (KISD), Prof. Dr. Lasse Scherffig (KISD)


Date 14. September 2021 - 17. September 2021